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What does your coffee and cup say about you?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Recent research has found that the kind of coffee you drink says a lot about your personality traits. Maybe you’re a black coffee or go home kind of person, or perhaps you take your creamer with a splash of coffee. Either way, that coffee you’re holding in your hand has something to say about you. Black Coffee Straightforward Likes to keep things simple Quiet, but moody All about minimalism Espresso Takes on leadership Hard-working, but moody Knows how to get what they want Latte Tends to be neurotic Likes to please people Often indecisive Cappuccino Obsessive and controlling Creative and honest Makes an excellent friend Frozen Trendsetter Courageous and adventurous What does your coffee cup say about you? We live in a world where our Coffee Cups / Mugs are more than just something to hold hot liquid— they’re a fashion statement, a status symbol, and a lifestyle. Looking for a way to express your personality, lifestyle, or sense of humor? Check out our variety of Coffee Cups at MerlesMerch.com

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