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What does your T Shirt say about you?

Of all the T-shirts you own or have ever owned, which is your favorite?

Where did it come from?

Why is it so special to you?

How fashionable are your T-shirts, and how important is that to you?

How has your T-shirt style evolved over time?

Do you like tees with logos, slogans and images?

Or are you more likely to buy plain T-shirts?

T Shirts have been a way of expression for decades. Ripped, Sleeveless, Cropped, Overlarge, the styles change year after year. Your weekend favorite, the one you clean in, or the one you love to wear out.

The one that everyone says, I love your T Shirt, where did you get it?

A memory that pops up when you pull it out of your closet or drawer.

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