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What is so special about Salt & Pepper Shakers?

It's sometime said that salt shakers were invented in 1858 by John Mason. He also invented the screw-top Mason jar.

When dis the Shakers become popular?

Salt and pepper shaker production saw a boost during the Great Depression when many ceramics companies needed to produce less expensive items to stay in business. In the early 1940s shakers became even easier to make in a variety of shapes and sizes with the birth of modern ceramics .

Today, vintage salt and pepper shakers are a still a hot item to collect. Many people still collect them for the same reasons they were when people first started collecting them — they come in an array of styles, colors, and materials, and are still quite affordable.

Did you know there are conventions all over the world where you can buy & sell vintage and collectible Shakers?

There is also a Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, TN.

Merles Merch carries 2 types of Shakers. They will complete any Farmhouse Decor Setting. Visit MerlesMerch.com and get your SHAKE on!!


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