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Whats your favorite view from your favorite window?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Have you ever thought of what makes your home unique from all others and reflects your own style and personality?  Your clothes reflecting your personality is nothing new; but did you know that your home, interior decor and your window dressings reflect your personality as well? So what is your window dressing style? 

One of the most important parts of our interior decor is our window dressing, which can have an enormous impact on the appearance of a room. You cannot just walk into a shop or log on to a website to buy something to cover your windows with. You have to consider the decor of your home, the compatibility they have with your type of windows, the requirement of maintenance, cost, as well as their functionality before making your choice. Don’t you think your personality traits will be reflected in all the considerations you make?

Looking at your window fashion, either knowingly or unknowingly people form opinions about you and your personality. Your windows they say a lot about you, believe it or not –

· Friendly

· Methodical

· Efficient

· Introvert/Extrovert

· Creative/ Artistic

· Complex

· Mysterious

· Rebel

· Romantic

· Nature lover

· Highly social being

· Thrifty

· Simple

· Organized

· Perfectionist

My favorite window is my kitchen window, I love the views and wildlife.

What does your favorite window say about you? Check out MerlesMerch.com, we have window Valances for your favorite windows!


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