Wax Melt Bundle

Wax Melt Bundle

The wax melt bundle includes

1 Wax Melt Burner

! 4 pack of wax melts



Farm Fresh – A Clean Crisp scent that reminds you of what heaven should smell like.


Not Today Mother Heifers - Hot, warm apples baked with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. This truly smells like you have an apple pie baking in your oven. Yummy, down home goodness! There is also a touch of super red-hot Cinnamon. There's nothing else that can be said besides it's amazing!

Down on the Farm- That fabulous warm clean outdoors fresh scent fresh rain with floral tones of lily and dianthus are brightened with citrus blossom for a clean scent undertones balance with a soft lingering musky balance with soft woods for lasting Freshness crisp and clean!


Not My Pasture Not My Bullshit- Top notes of lime, mandarin and bergamot.  Middle notes of spring grass, grapefruit and poppies.  Bottom notes of teakwood, blonde oak wood. 


#Grownassheifer- Sweet crisp red apple with notes of sweet orange and hints of Pineapple cinnamon and vanilla.


#herdthat- This wonderful scent has a very soothing with a steam room accord, brightened with wild moss and aloe.  This oil will surprise you. It is fresh, clean and so very nice.  Calming. A relaxing scent that is perfect for any spa line. Top notes of lemon, sweet orange and aloe waters.  Middle notes of white pepper, white eucalyptus and a steam room accord.  Bottom notes of sea moss, beach wood and clear musk.

#saltyheifer1- A luscious gourmet confection of caramelized sugar, sea salt, and smooth sweet salted caramel - golden and buttery. You can even smell the salt. Top notes of sweetened creamy butter and sea salt; followed by middle notes of thick, rich gooey caramel sitting on base notes of vanilla, maple, and rich sweetened condensed milk. Raspberry, Plum, sugary crystals and sweet vanilla. YUM! YOU WILL TOTALLY LOVE THIS SCENT!


#saltyheifer2- This scent is fantastic! Rich and luxurious. Vibrant and intoxicating.  Super refreshing. Willow winds, grapefruit, rainfall mist, Sea Kelp, Oud Wood, Oak Moss, Patchouli and Indonesian Amber. A perfect aromatherapy scent! A must try!


#haygirl1- Crisp and Fresh SUPER, SUPER STRONG! For those of you looking for that perfect, super strong, realistic, super crisp and fresh green apple - this is the one! 


#haygirl2- A true, super strong honeysuckle fragrance

#yaherd - Sweet and tart and totally fabulous. Sweet, ripe honeydew, hints of kiwi and mandarin. Watermelon and cherry notes with the tiniest hint of cassis bring out the full-bodied middle notes with a sugared musk bottom note with a shot of tar

#heiferplease- In a word - SCRUMPTIOUS! This is a super fun scent! Lots of sweet and sassy POP! Rich, ripe berries mixed with hints of sugary sweetness and a bit of a sassy kick! 


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